Monday, 2 September 2013

Who you gonna call? Goat busters?

We’ve all seen those bizarre old photographs of fairies and ghosts and spirits and everything else weird, usually Victorian, usually blurry, usually a trick of the light. 

I ain't afraid of no goat!

Light is a tricky thing to control at the best of times, and when you’re engraving with light (‘photo’=light; ‘graphy’=engraving) it can behave so unpredictably…especially when you point your camera right into the big light in the sky (don’t try this at home kids!), should you ever be lucky enough to see it.

That’s how a lot of those freaky images are made.  And here’s one I made earlier.

Don’t have nightmares – do, sleep well…or the headless wild goat’s gonna come and get you  WWAAAAAHAAAHAAAHAAHAAAHAAAAAAA!!!

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