Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Memories are made of these.

Sleepy red grouse in purple heather.

Every photo carries with it a set of memories.  Like with family photos, I don’t have any difficulty remembering exactly which spot each was taken, and when.  Every photo makes up part of the story in my mind of what happened on a particular day, and the joy (or discomfort) that I experienced on that particular encounter with a subject or place.  For this reason, it’s always good to review pictures from previous years to be reminded of the events in nature’s calendar.  Even if you can’t get out on a particular day, the memories can help to keep you in touch with the world’s natural cycles.

Alert red grouse in purple heather.

I’ve been doing a lot of fitness training recently, which has eaten into my photography time but will be important for a few ventures I have planned (and hopefully I’ll be able to fit into my mankini by Christmas).  It means I’ve missed a few things recently, most notably the season of purple heather on the moors of the Peak District – one of my favourite events in nature’s calendar.  But pictures from previous years are a great reminder of the great things that are going on out there, and that they’ll happen again next year.

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