Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Save the Vale!

I heard this week from wildlife photographer Terry Whittaker that there are plans to sell of parts of Reddish Vale Country Park in Stockport for development.  This is a site which means a lot to me as this is the place where I learnt about nature more than anywhere else.  I have spent countless hours here over the years walking, watching and photographing the wildlife, and not to mention just sitting for hours of peace.  I used to live in Reddish just a short walk away from the park, and even since moving to Nottinghamshire, I still make sure I return to the park as often as I can.  This is a beautiful stretch of land which currently supports a great number of land and water species and offers a great haven in the growing sprawl of Manchester’s urban life.

I have tried to demonstrate the diversity of  habitat here with my  pictures, all of which were taken within about 50 metres of each other at the park – there are so many worlds within that little space of land.  However, photographs can offer only a taster, and can never truly do justice to representing the true smell of fresh air and the sound of birdsong continuing undisturbed.  If you're in the area, please pay the park a visit and see for yourself.

Our green land deserves to be valued for itself rather than being considered a tabula rasa for building developers. 

For more information on Reddish Vale Country Park, its campaign and its stunning scenery and wildlife, please visit the website here and then please visit the park.

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